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Animal farm

Animal farm

The animal farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell which talks about circumstances surrounding the Russian Revolution in 1917. The novel further on reflects on the Soviet Union’s Stalinist Era. In his novel, a democratic coalition of animals overthrows a human oppressor by the name Mr. Jones. The old boar who resides on the Manor Farm apparently calls the other animals for a meeting intended to overthrow human oppressive dominion over them. The Old Major apparently has a vision for all animals and thinks time is ripe for it to be shared. He delivers a powerful speech while describing his dream. He starts the speech by using a popular term by then “comrades”.  He sings a childhood song so passionately that others join him. It is entitled “Beasts of England”.

The death of Old Major three days after delivering a revolution speech was a major blow to the animal kingdom. His vision however, continued to propel the animals towards a brighter future. Led by the pigs, the animals plotted an attempt to rebel against humans. Of all the pigs, three came out to be the most intelligent and took upon themselves to develop Old Major’s idea into what is popularly known as animalism. They included Napoleon, Squealer and Snowball. Though difficult at the start, the three pigs managed to convince the rest of the population to have sufficient trust into them.

The planned rebellion did not take long before it occurred. One day, Mr. Jones came back to the farm drunk and started whipping cows that had broken into the house to look for food. This is the starting point of rebellion. They retaliated instantly and forced the masters and all his men to scamper away for safety. The animals were amazed at their major success. It could only be imagined that they could do such a courageous act. At this time, it becomes clear that the pigs can read and write so they write down the seven principles of animalism, an act that excites all the others.  Pigs are tasked with the responsibility of milking cows, a responsibility they carry out perfectly well. They however secretly keep the milk for themselves.

Pigs initiate enlightenment exercises to make the rest literate as they are themselves. It is believed that education is necessary for a revolution to be sustained. The other animals become concerned at the milk and apples that pigs have been hiding for long. They are easily made into believing that pigs need milk to keep them intelligence and prevent human beings from coming back. The first few months of the pigs’ leadership go well. Everyone in the animal kingdom is exhilarated at the speed at which harvest time takes. However, some animals such as Mollie are not happy with the entire animalism thing and flee the farm. No one understands where she has disappeared to. At this time, news about animal rebellion has spread throughout the land. Animals elsewhere meet this news with mixed feelings.

The animals on the farm become more united and sing the beasts of England song more and more. Under the leadership of Snowball, they successfully revolt against Mr. Jones when he attempts to return to the farm. Animals in the entire country had been opened their eyes. They had lived in darkness for long and it was time for them to rebel against man and their oppressive ways. Animals on the farm have made numerous achievements to ensure that man is kept out of the environment completely.

Pigs create a flag and organize weekly meetings to debate matters of interest. It is apparent that Napoleon and Snowball must disagree on all matters. They give the pigs authority to exercise democratic leadership on the farm. Whatever policy they come up with was to be debated by all before it could become into law. Napoleon becomes the overall leader of the animal and receives massive support except from his fellow pigs. A windmill is developed, marking a major achievement that animals could make within a short time of their rule.

Napoleon’s leadership style is admirable yet is oppressive in some way. He introduces policies in a manner likely to suggest politeness when in real sense he is not. Working hours are increased to 60, in addition to voluntary working hours on Sundays afternoon.  Within a few months the windmill is half completed, but is destroyed in a storm.

Napoleon becomes mad at Snowball and orders for his immediate capture. His punitive ways on other animals increase in a daily basis. Pigs that have been rumored to know the hideout of Snowball are mercilessly executed. Indeed the rates at which things are moving are horrifying. Animals had ejected human dictatorship from the farm only for another one to rise. They could not believe what was happening before their very eyes.  As the events unfold, the animals grow older, they multiply and hardships continue to be part of their lives. Pigs apparently invite humans into the farm, and they can be seen walking on two legs unlike other animals.

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